"Uncle" Bob Martin

Software luminary “Uncle Bob” Martin spoke to members of the Yale and New Haven communities at Yale School of Management. Martin had been a professional programmer since 1970; since then he has become a prolific author and leader in the industry. Dan Bernier of New Haven’s Continuity Control and nhv.io, introduced Bob, noting that in the “weird and messy business” of software development, Uncle Bob is there to look out for and guide developers. Martin emphasized the importance of writing clean, efficient, well-written code—sage advise for aspiring programmers and tech-entrepreneurs. Interest in development and programming is on the rise at SOM as student-entrepreneurs explore tech-based startup ideas. Classes like CS112, co-developed by SOM’s Program on Entrepreneurship and the Department of Computer Science, give students curricular opportunities to develop their skills. Student-entrepreneurs are likewise embracing extracurricular opportunities around programming. HackYaleSOM, SOM’s student programming organization, continues to gain members while interest in HackYale, an undergraduate organization offering programming workshops, has reached record highs: one thousand candidates applied for only 80 seats in their “Introduction to Web Development” workshop.