Steve Jobs President & CEO, NeXT Computer Corp and Apple. MIT Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series

Please Subscribe! Steve Jobs, one of the computer industry’s foremost entrepreneurs, gives a wide-ranging talk to a group of MIT Sloan School of Management students in the spring of 1992. Jobs shares his professional vision and personal anecdotes, from his role at the time as president and CEO of NeXT Computer Corporation, to the thrilling challenges of co-creating Apple Computer, and subsequent disappointments at his ousting. In conversational exchanges with audience members Jobs underscores the value of direct experience in the field, and “developing scar tissue.” The unexpected guest lecture within the Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series came about through the efforts of a Sloan MBA ’92 student whose sister had recently married Jobs. (Special Thanks to Youtuber Paul Mangione for linking out these highlights!) Highlights 5:13 Comparing management vs. operational productivity in software 9:25 Rapid development of application software using NeXT 10:30 Desktop publishing on the Macintosh 15:25 Problems with consultants 18:03 Should NeXT just become a software company 24:38 Who are NeXT's competitors, Sun Solaris, Microsoft NT, Taligent 27:41 NeXTSTEP operating environment, "the code that never breaks is the code that you don't write less code", benefits of object-oriented programming 30:59 NEXT's growth dependent on application developers 33:25 reflecting on separating from Apple and the struggles at Apple focusing on consumer electronics 37:27 Big achievements and management organization at NEXT 41:45 How technology windows open in the market, Apple II, DOS, Lisa, Macintosh, NeXT Cube, "I think object-oriented technology is the biggest technical breakthrough I have seen since the early 80's with graphical user interfaces and I think it's bigger actually." 46:40 Should you develop applications or objects and tools, "the brightest people are writing objects" 48:23 Developing products with higher education, Project Athena 51:22 What I Learned at Apple, taking a longer-term view on people 53:01 Management style and resolving conflict 56:18 Macintosh and PC and challenges with portability, processor speed, disk space, high speed networking, true color displays, power 58:45 Manufacturing systems Macintosh vs. NeXT, removing warehouses with Just in Time processes, factories as software with interesting I/O devices (robots) 1:06:11 Using manufacturing to improve time to market, product and process simultaneously 1:11:57 Growth of Apple and the Macintosh market Please Subscribe for more great content! We tell stories that inspire, enrich, and improve lives. We capture moments in time that engage, surprise, and delight audiences around the world. We curate media that is unrivaled in its uniqueness and can be witnessed no where else but here. We are proud and honored to share our work. Please subscribe and help us in our mission of bringing MIT to you.

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