"Ludicrous Speed: Designing For Performance on the JVM" by Cliff Moon

Over the past 3 years the JVM has largely overtaken C++ as the platform of choice for writing high performance software. The JVM / Java can be found powering HFT systems, low latency distributed databases, and real-time analytics platforms in almost every enterprise. During this talk you will come to understand the Java memory and concurrency models, how they interact with modern architectures, and the implications for how you ought to design your software. I will share my experiences designing, scaling and tuning a massive scale real-time analytics system, both the failures and the successes. by Cliff Moon (@moonpolysoft) - Boundary Cliff Moon is the founder and CTO of Boundary. Cliff has lead the building of Boundary's streaming  analytics technology, which processes over 2 trillion metrics per day. Previously, Cliff was a leading engineer at Powerset, which was acquired by Microsoft. While there, Cliff helped kick off the NoSQL movement with his open source Dynomite project.