Keith Salisbury - Building Multiplayer Games with Phoenix and Phaser (ElixirConfEU 2016)

Slides and more info: Phoenix and Phaser might sound like a cheesy pop band but get these two frameworks playing nice together and you're guaranteed a party. Both are blistering fast, and incredibly easy to use. Building multiplayer games has never been easier. Talk objectives This talk will take you on a step by step guide building yourself a game template, and then using that template to create several multiplayer games. We will introduce you to the joy of creating games using these two wonderful frameworks, and demonstrate some of the possibilities, as well as highlighting some of the challenges and common pitfalls to avoid when developing multiplayer games. Target audience Beginners and anyone interested in having fun with Phoenix channels. Keith is a programmer, sailor and kitesurfer in any order. He is passionate software development and particularly enjoying building fun social games. He is currently writing a book of the same title as this talk. Github: ktec Twitter: @ktec

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