(fifth RacketCon): Jack Firth — Generic Syntax Expanders and Extensible Macros

16 minutes
    Racket’s powerful syntax system allows things like pattern matching not only to be implemented as macros, but to be user-extensible as well. Match expanders, for example, allows users to extend Racket’s pattern matcher with arbitrary new patterns. This talk discusses a generalized approach to match-expanders and its uses in defining macros with embedded user-extensible syntax, and shows an application of this approach to Racket’s command line parsing forms. Jack Firth works at Mindjet in San Francisco as a developer of enterprise web applications and as a mentor to his colleagues on functional programming, particularly its applications to a Node / Angular stack. He has been a professional software engineer for a year and a half, but first began programming nine years ago. He attended college for mechanical engineering at a young age. His programming-related interests outside work include multi-language architectures, CI, testing, obscure languages, static verification, and type systems. He also used to be a hobbyist game developer, and still is once in a blue moon.