"Controlling Time and Space: understanding the many formulations of FRP" by Evan Czaplicki

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is becoming an increasingly common way to structure event- driven code, but the term "FRP" actually refers to a large body of increasingly diverse work. This talk will quickly cover the basics of FRP, and then go into a couple different formulations of FRP that people are beginning to use. We will explore how these formulations fit together historically and theoretically. Finally, we will see how the particular variation of FRP used in Elm makes it easy to implement hot- swapping and Elm's Time Traveling Debugger. by Evan Czaplicki (@czaplic) - Prezi I am a functional programmer at heart, and my broad goal is to provide the tools and learning resources to make functional languages common in industry. I develop Elm 's compiler, tools, and community to make it great for projects within Prezi and in industry in general.

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