Programming Talks tagged with: "Web"

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

Douglas Crockford
an hour
The Post JavaScript ApocalypseThis talk speculates about the next language after JavaScript, and what to do in the mean time about some of the new features in ES6. There will be an emphasis on simplicity and quality. The web is cluttered and full of errors. The talk will also touches on why you should ...

Effective Java - Still Effective After All These Years

Effective Java - Still Effective After All These YearsJoshua Bloch serves up a few Java Puzzlers as an appetizer before and as dessert after the main course on Effective Java. Organized By: Silicon Valley Web JUG - Van Riper and Kevin Nilson Hosted and Sponsored By: Google Video By: Marakana Event: http://www.meetup.com/sv-web-jug/calendar/10878461/ Slides: http://files.meetup.com/1381525/still-effective.ppt.pdf ...