Google Tech Talks is a grass-roots program at Google for sharing information of interest to the technical community. At its best, it's part of an ongoing discussion about our world featuring top experts in diverse fields. Presentations range from the broadest of perspective overviews to the most technical of deep dives, on topics well-established to wildly speculative.

Programming Talks tagged with: "GoogleTechTalks"

Slightly Advanced Python: Some Python Internals

Slightly Advanced Python: Some Python InternalsGoogle Tech Talks July 1, 2008 ABSTRACT "Python behind the scenes": some advanced aspects of Python. The talk addresses an audience of proficient Python programmers and deals with several advanced topics: object creation: metaclasses, new, and init - attribute lookup mechanics and descriptor objects - introspection on objects, garbage collection, stack frames, tracebacks - ...

Tangible Functional Programming

Tangible Functional ProgrammingGoogle Tech Talks November, 7 2007 ABSTRACT We present a user-friendly approach to unifying program creation and execution, based on a notion of "tangible values" (TVs), which are visual and interactive manifestations of pure values, including functions. Programming happens by gestural composition of TVs. Our goal is to give end-users the ...