Dave Thomas

Programming Talks by Dave Thomas

Agile is Dead

Dave Thomas
41 minutes
Agile is DeadDave Thomas was one of the creators of the Agile Manifesto. A year ago, he told us that Agile is Dead. How could this be? Why had he deserted us? And what are we to do? It turns out that while the "Agile" industry is busy debasing the meaning of ...

Elixir: The Power of Erlang, the Joy of Ruby

Dave Thomas
an hour
Elixir: The Power of Erlang, the Joy of RubyI'm a language nut. I love trying them out, and I love thinking about their design and implementation. (I know, it's sad.) I came across Ruby in 1998 because I was an avid reader of comp.lang.misc (ask your parents). I downloaded it, compiled it, and fell in love. As with ...